Hello and welcome.

My ambition is to explore the elements of art, design, literature, photography, and modern culture with an eye toward observation, not critique. Whether intentional or not, we (the collective ‘we,’ that is) have become an interconnected community of creators, and technology has allowed us to share our ingenuity. I hope you enjoy my collection of modern creative works and gain some perspective on the world around us.

Far be it from me to claim expertise, I am a digital communication arts student at Oregon State University and an amateur graphic artist. And while I love to create my own works, my real passion is writing about what I see and experience. Please feel free to leave a comment or head to my contact page to connect!



“I think I had one just like this when I was a kid… (Wynwood District, Miami)” by hecpara is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.